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Managing Fatigue After Your Baby Is Born

 by: Sarah Veda

Those days right after your baby is born can be grueling. You’re likely in some pain from the delivery, and the baby is keeping you up all night. Here are some tips to help you cope in those first few weeks.

Let some things go

Prepare yourself ahead of time to focus on yourself and the baby, and let some things go undone. If you need a clean house in order to relax, have someone come in and clean for you. The last thing you need to do is try to keep everything going, plus care for a new baby.


Send the visitors away if you need to and take the time to rest. Everybody will tell you “sleep when the baby sleeps”, but for me that was a real problem. No matter how tired I am, I cannot necessarily “sleep on command”. But, I did learn that half an hour on the couch with a magazine helped me feel better, even if I didn’t sleep.

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Managing Fatigue After Your Baby Is Born
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About The Author

Sarah Veda is a 41 year old wife and mother of two boys and one girl. She spent many years as a manager in the corporate world, and gave it up to be a stay at home mom. Go to now and get her incredible baby minicourse – absolutely free.