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Unusual Baby Shower Party Ideas For a Lively Celebration

 by: Dee Schrock

Gone are the days of Aunt Tilly ooing and awing over cute little baby booties. New Mothers-to-be are spicing up the traditional showers to include more entertaining games and activities, including roping the dad-to-be into the fun!

Baby showers were traditionally held for women only. These days, it is more acceptable (and common) to hold couples showers.

Baby showers can be held at any time of day and can either be a surprise or involve the mom-to-be in the planning process.

Activity Ideas

Who said baby showers have to be boring? Here are a few ideas to liven up your celebration:

*Is the mom-to-be known for any particular hobby or activity? How about an all-inclusive activity such as bowling or based on her interests such as a natural history museum.

*Baby predictions theme. Will the baby be a boy or girl? A football star or Tasmanian Devil? Use a fortune telling theme complete with palm readings and crystal balls.

*Pamper the mom-to-be. You can pamper her with a day at the spa complete with manicures, pedicures, and massages. It can take place at the spa itself, or create a pajama party for in-home pampering.   (continued...)

Unusual Baby Shower Party Ideas For a Lively Celebration
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About The Author

Dee Schrock has put together hundreds of theme party tips and fun ideas for easy (and budget conscious!) party planning.

Visit her website for tons of popular theme party ideas, including decoration, costume, game, and party drink ideas, as well as printable invitations.