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Baby Shower - Baby Word Making Game

 by: Kimberly Hargis


You can make your own cards or download free printable cards at Moms Break. Both are described below.

You can make your own cards by cutting playing-card-sized rectangles out of heavy weight craft paper and then writing letters and numbers on each card. Decorate the cards with baby shower stickers.

Or get free baby shower cards for this game at Moms Break baby shower free printables. A zip file with sheets containing A – Z and 0 – 9 can be downloaded free at Each sheet has four letters or numbers on different colored baby rattles. After downloading the zip file containing the card sheets, print the baby shower card sheets and then cut the cards along the dotted line around each card as a guide. Each card is the same size. These cards can be printed on standard 8.5 x 11 computer paper, but heavy weight computer craft paper in white or different colors is suggested.

How to Play:

Make or print and cut out at least one full sets of letters and numbers (two or three sets is recommended).

Shuffle the cards and stack upside down.   (continued...)

Baby Shower - Baby Word Making Game
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