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Baby Proofing Your Home

 by: Nikola Marshall

A baby is a both a joy and a responsibility. Taking precautions help to ensure that your new addition is safe can ease some parenting burdens.

Before bringing your baby home, slowly investigate each room. Get down on the floor. Lay down if possible. See your home from a baby’s point of view. Look for hazards and correct them. Some potential dangers to watch for include:

Anything dangling. Electric cords, tablecloths, curtains and cords from window blinds should be secured well out of baby’s reach. Your infant could strangle, be electrocuted or pull something heavy or hot on top of themselves.

Move cleaning supplies, medications and any other poisons up and out of reach. One of the ways in which a child learns is through taste and you certainly don’t want them sampling anything toxic! Consider too, moving all houseplants out of the way as these can prove poisonous as well.

Check the crib. Bars should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. Make sure the mattress fits tightly and resist placing large stuffed toys inside.

Clear tables, floors and cabinet tops of anything small that a baby could swallow. Make sure that any wobbly furniture is repaired or removed.   (continued...)

Baby Proofing Your Home
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